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Tidy in Place

These are unprecedented times. The majority of America (and many around the world) are staying at home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. During this season of spending an unusual amount of time at home, people are appreciating–now more than ever–the benefits of an organized space.

Join us for our April 2020 organizing challenge where we “Tidy-in-Place” while we “Shelter-in-Place”. We will give you one small organizing project each weekday to help you organize your space, area by area, day by day. Sign on to receive an email at 7AM Hawaii time each weekday to get you started on your daily tidy!

For the latest tips for doing your “Daily Tidy“, go here.

Also, if you feel you tidy #BetterTogether, sign up for our Team Tidy Time.

There is NO CHARGE to participate in April’s Tidy-in-Place Challenge. However, if you would like the increased accountability of tidying with others at the same time every weekday, join us for “Team Tidy Time” for a nominal fee.


WHAT: A daily 30-minute Zoom video call

WHEN: 12PM Hawaii Standard Time, every weekday in April

HOW: We will share a few tips for the day’s designated area, then we will set a timer and work individually in our respective homes. We will wrap up each session with one or two participants sharing any tidying “wins” they had that day!

WHY: Clients and others have expressed they do better when tidying together with other people

COST: $22

April 2020 Tidy-in-Place Challenge