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As you may know, I blog for Simply Organized, Hawaii’s organizing store.  This month’s blog outlines my personal top 10 “WHYS” to get organized.  From my perspective, the WHY is what gives you the inspiration to do whatever the “WHAT” is!


Top 10 Reasons to Get Organized This Year via Simply Organized

The New Year provides an opportunity to reset your life.  We make resolutions.  We have hopes this this year will be different, that THIS will be the year we get organized, get fit, get out of debt, get the relationship we are seeking.

In my goal work over the years I have found the “WHY” is critical for achieving the “WHAT” you want to accomplish.  The WHY is what inspires you to keep working at something long after the initial momentum wears off. So this month, we’re offering some “whys” to get organized this year.  Read on for the TOP 10…

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