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Webster’s defines gimmick as “a method or trick that is used to get people’s attention or to sell something”

And I must admit, I’m a fan of gimmicks.  I’m the person at the grocery store or Long’s who ends up buying the crap (yes, I said it, I said crap) they have on display in the check-out line.  But it’s not these type of gimmicks that I dig.

I like gimmicks that HELP you to accomplish your goals.  Here’s a personal example that worked wonders for me.

GOAL: I wanted to drink more water

I have on my weekly goals to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. I just feel better when I do it. For a long time, however, I wasn’t doing it.

Then came a hurricane scare (two hurricane scares ago) and I was late to the party at the grocery store to pick up my water.  I ended up getting six expensive, fancy, schmancy VOSS glass water bottles as that was all they had left at the time.

The hurricane scare came and went and I had these glass bottles.  Suddenly, I started drinking more water. After drinking the initial VOSS water bottles, I would refill with my Menuhune water from the five gallon jug.

VOSS Water

I just love these handy glass bottles which help me accomplish my goal of drinking more water AND can be put in the dishwasher!

The bottles were super sturdy, I could run them though the dishwasher without them getting ruined, they were glass so no BPA issue, and I always had cool water on hand because I would keep the full bottles in my fridge. I could take a bottle on the go and it actually fit perfectly in the insulated wine bag I have so it stayed cool for a little while.

I drink more water now and it’s all because I happen to have an implement (gimmick) that works for me.

When I was on the mainland, I even found more VOSS bottles in a smaller size, and brought 4 bottles back with me.  I’ve been using these a bunch too.

It seems silly and trite, but point is, I’m accomplishing my goal and in this case, I just stumbled upon the solution! This “method or trick” has gotten my attention and SOLD me on drinking water!!!

What is a goal that you have that you’ve had a hard time accomplishing?  What sort of gimmick can you employ to help you accomplish it? 

Here are a few quick ones that come to mind….share yours in the comments!

GOAL 1:              Exercise More
*Sign up for a class with a friend
*Buy clothes/shoes you really like to exercise in
*Create a reward system (if I exercise 4x this week, I get to go to the movies)


GOAL 2:             Pack Lunch
*Buy a lunch bag you really like
*Do a Sunday shopping trip so you can stock up on lunch foods for week
*Set your cell phone for a daily alarm in the evening that says “pack lunch”


GOAL 3:             Read more books
*Listen to books on audio in the car, either through Audible app or Overdrive app
(Note: Overdrive makes ebooks and audiobooks available through the public library)
*Join a book club
*Reduce the resistance—pick books that you’re REALLY EXCITED to read



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