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We are now offering virtual organizing sessions via Zoom. This means anyone who has an internet connection can participate.


These virtual sessions will be offered at reduced rates as compared to our traditional in-person sessions ($55 per hour with our Associate Organizers and $70 per hour with our owner, Nancy Nino).

In addition, virtual organizing sessions take place in 60 or 90 minute increments, in comparison to the on-site sessions which are 3-4 hours.


In the first 5-10 minutes of the first 2-hour session, you and your organizer would be talking specifically about your goals, preferences, and vision (similar to the in-person assessment we at the beginning of our traditional JUMPSTART service).

As with our JUMPSTART service, we would have you send us pictures and answer questions in advance of your first virtual service.


Clients who are interested in virtual organizing services would confirm the following:

1) You are motivated and able to work on your own, with the virtual guidance of your organizer. Virtual organizing requires a high degree of commitment since you are the only person on-site doing the hands-on work.

2) You are comfortable with technology and have a phone, tablet, or laptop that you can use for the session.

3) You have a strong wifi connection that will ensure the likelihood of an uninterrupted session.

4) You can set aside time, even 20-minute blocks, to do focused “homework” in between virtual sessions.

5) The areas where you intend to work are accessible. (Garages or other rooms that are packed completely filled don’t work well with the virtual organizing format).

Reach out to us with any questions or to schedule!

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