Who We Work With

We are incredibly fortunate to work with a variety of clients both in Hawaii and beyond. While every organizing project is different, these are the specific types of clients we work with on a regular basis:

  • Families
    Moms and Dads are often so busy working, managing the household, and coordinating their kids’ activities, they tend to suffer from physical and mental clutter, plus a general anxiety and overwhelm. We start by helping them clarify “what success looks like” to them.  Interestingly enough, “success” may look different for each spouse so these conversations are critical. We work with them to clarify their priorities, declutter their homes (and their schedules, as needed), and institute systems in their household to maintain an organized lifestyle.
  • Singles
    Singles struggle with disorganization as well. While they may have less people in their household, they also have no division of labor…they literally have to “do it all”. As financial expert and author Dave Ramsey points out, singles suffer from time poverty and fatigue, which can lead to poor decisions with money (and other areas of life). If the singles also happen to be single parents, the pressure compounds. As with families, we help singles clarify their vision of success and their priorities, declutter their homes and schedules, and institute systems for greater organization.
  • Seniors
    Many seniors have lived in the same home for ten, twenty, sometimes thirty years.  They are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff they have accumulated and are anxious to downsize (or “rightsize”) to simplify their lives. This process can be very troubling for seniors as it involves sifting through the many memories of their lives. This can be both a joyful and painful process. We help seniors navigate this process with patience and compassion. We remind them that Rome was not built in a day and that this process takes time and consistent effort. But we are there by their side every step of the way. We also help seniors with their estate organizing which involves getting all their vital documents in order. This is something many seniors want to do but they feel intimidated, confused, and sometimes terrified to approach as it can feel like a very daunting task.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurs are full of passion and ideas. But often things move very quickly as an entrepreneur’s business grows and develops. They can feel unsettled and their schedules and spaces can feel chaotic. We help them clarify their priorities and their vital functions in their business.  We also help them declutter their work spaces (and their schedules, as needed). Finally, we work together to institute systems in their offices and business at large to support their business growth and relieve some of the stress that comes from the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Working Professionals
    Working professionals, like entrepreneurs, are often hardworking and passionate about the companies they work for.  But like entrepreneurs, they can easily get bogged down by the sheer volume of work they have on their plates. We help working professionals view their job from a bird’s eye or global perspective. This wider vantage point helps them clarify their vital roles and create systems that support them in getting more work done in less time.  As is the goal with most organizing endeavors, we focus on implementing systems that streamline work processes and increase their personal productivity which, ultimately, increases the company’s overall productivity.
  • Businesses
    Business owners and corporate managers know that as employees get more organized and become more productive, company morale strengthens and profit margins increase. We support businesses by working with employees on all levels to determine best practices in their specific roles and to create customized systems to implement those best practices.
  • Colleges & Universities
    Colleges and universities have unique organizational challenges because of the diverse populations within their sphere (students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, donors). While each department’s end goal is to support the college or university’s mission and strategic plan, their individual departmental goals and concentrations are unique. We support college and university departments and their staff to clarify their departmental and individual goals and create systems to support them in the meeting those goals.

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